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Wenhua Ma brought an interesting article to our attention from the Notices of the AMS:

Math Circles and Olympiads, MSRI Asks:  Is the U.S. Coming of Age?

The Math Circle Experience

Extracurricular circles in a variety of subjects began in Hungary in the 1800s, all with the goal of providing young students opportunities to pursue personal interests to the fullest. Today they are considered a standard part of the Eastern-Europeanstudent experience, and participation in them is regarded as just as natural as participation in sports activities is viewed in the U.S. Although there is no set protocol to a math circle experience, all circles have the same goal of sharing the intellectual appeal and beauty of mathematics with as large an audience as possible. They engage faculty from both secondary and post-secondary institutions in their operation and successfully welcome students of all backgrounds to the mathematical experience.

Circles now exist in many countries, including the U.S. (see also [1], for instance), and follow multiple styles and approaches. Given the success of the Eastern European model it is natural to ask then whether some version(s) of the math circle experience could be incorporated into the U.S. cultural norm. Could even more be accomplished?


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PurpleCometThe 2009 Purple Comet!  Math Meet has completed and the full results are posted here.

Many Metroplex Math Circle attendees participated including the Archimedes’ Successors team which earned an Honorable Mention in the mixed middle school division:

  • First Place(tie): Philippine Team A (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), VASS (Longfellow Middle School), All-Asian Social Turndowns (AAST) with 15 out of 15 correct.
  • Fourth Place(tie): Indigo 2 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL), Indigo 4 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL), Calculators (BASIC Homeschools), Indigo 3 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL) with 14 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to ICAE Gauss was a Boss (ICAE), ICAE Bananas (ICAE), Eagles Rumble (Heritage Christian School), Brookings Home School (Brookings Home School), MyTJPrep (Multiple schools/MyTJPrep), Segimwony (St Mary School), Archimedes’ Successors (Eudaimonia Homeschool Academy), Central Maryland Homeschoolers (Central Maryland Homeschoolers)

Designed by Dr. Titu Andreescu and Dr. Jonathan Kane this contest is very challenging.  The Purple Comet organizers provide coaches with the following counsel:

Coaches: Please encourage your teams that scores below 50% are not uncommon. The problems offered in these meets are of the same calibre as those offered in the top national mathematics exams, and can be quite challenging. We are very pleased to see teams performing as well as they have, and we know they will rise to the challenge and perform even better in the meets to come.

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AMC just announced the highest ranking individuals from the 2009 USAMO:

John Berman John T. Hoggard High School Wilmington NC
Sergei Bernstein Belmont High School Belmont MA
Wenyu Cao Phillips Academy Andover MA
Robin Cheng Pinetree Secondary School Coquitlam BC
Vlad Firoiu Westford Academy Westford MA
Eric Larson South Eugene High School Eugene OR
Delong Meng Baton Rouge Magnet High School Baton Rouge LA
Qinxuan Pan Thomas S. Wootton High School Rockville MD
Panupong Pasupat Deerfield Academy Deerfield MA
Toan Phan Taft School Watertown CT
David Rush Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter NH
David Yang Homeschool Walnut CA

All of these students deserve congratulations.   Its particularly nice to see the achievements of 7th grader,  David Yang.  David was a student of Dr. Andreescu’s AwesomeMath camp last year and was also in the final rounds of the 2009 MATHCOUNTS national competion.

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Watch the Countdown Round LIVE!

The 2009 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition Countdown Round will air live,  on mathcounts.org! Tune in at 2:00 PM EDT on Friday, May 8th to watch as top Mathletes® vie for the title of 2009 MATHCOUNTS National Champion.


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CIE Math Comp 2009

The DFW chapter of the Chinese Institute of Engineers will once again hold their excellent and highly attended math competition for students in 1st through 7th grade.

  • When: 06/06/2009. 12PM-5PM.
  • Who: Grades 1-7.
  • Where: Collin County Community College (CCCC), Spring Creek Campus (2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75075).
  • Information: For more details in Chinese or English, please click here.
  • Registration: For on-line registration, please visit this page.
  • Contact: Borwen Lee, cie2009mathcomp@yahoo.com.

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