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A very interesting discussion of the three stages of mathematical education by the amazing Terence Tao:

There’s more to mathematics than rigour and proofs.


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While we are on break from Metroplex Math Circle for the winter here is a great new video from Vi Hart.

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Congratulations to the many students in Texas who took the 2011 AMC 8.  We would like to especially recognize those Texas students in sixth grade or below who scored above a 23 on this challenging 25 point test.  Many of these students are regular attendees of the Metroplex Math Circle:

  • Dachey Lin, Rice Middle School, 25/25
  • Michael Ma, Rice Middle School, 25/25
  • Kevin Feng, Fowler Middle School, 24/25
  • Luke Robitaille, Oakridge School, 24/25
  • Gyumin Ro, Spartan Learning Academy, 23/25
  • Vinjai Vale, Eudaimonia Academy, 23/25
  • Jerry Yang, Rice Middle School, 23/25

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If you were not among the fortunate students who heard Dr. Ivor Page give his December 10 talk on “Thinking as Exercise” here is a video that illustrates one of the many fascinating problems discussed.

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In this talk we will solve problems from multiple areas of mathematics and computer science. We will discuss Euler circuits and paths and their use in designing postman routes, finding Steiner points with soap bubbles, counting cannon balls in stacks, continued fractions, the ubiquity of Fibonacci numbers in Computer Science and nature, problems that are intractable for computers, and more.

Bring your brain!

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