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 polynomialThere are many times when we come across polynomial equations. In school, we certainly learn how to solve linear equations, then we learn how to solve quadratic and cubic equations, and finally we find out that we can view them as one mathematical object! That object is called a polynomial, it is simple and has very nice properties.
In our lecture we present a unified view of polynomials. This will help you understand concepts covered in school much better and much faster. There will be plenty of tricky Olympiad problems related to them and it will be fun!!

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armlJoin us for another exciting ARML training session.  This team based contest will allow for students to work together solving interesting problems.  For more information, check out:  http://arml.com/arml_development/page/index.php

**Reminder – there is no Math Circle on February 15 because of the UTD Programming Contest and there is no Math Circle on February 22 because of the MATHCOUNTS competition.

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