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Cordeiro2014-10This talk will be split into two parts:  LaTeX and Group Theory.  In the first half of the math circle, Jacob will provide a brief introduction to LaTeX. LaTeX is a very useful program for writing up academic proofs and papers, and you can use it to make your work easier in all sorts of classes and projects. In the second half, we’ll explore the basics of “group theory,” a form of abstract algebra with some surprising applications.

Jacob Cordeiro is the author of four books, one an international best seller, Minecraft for Dummies. Currently, he is a student at Harvey Mudd College studying mathematics and computer science.

Please join us from 2 – 3:30pm in room ECSS 2.312 on the campus of UTD.

***Important Notice***

If you wish to sign up for the AMC 10A/12A and/or the AMC 10B/12B, registration will take place IN PERSON during this event. There is a $10 fee per student per test.  If the student’s school offers the test, you may not register to take it at UTD.  Contact kathy.cordeiro@gmail.com if you have any questions.




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