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October 29th will be the final day to register for the AMC 8 exam at UTD.  AMC 8 tests  must be ordered from the Mathematical Association of America no later than October 18th.  We have ordered enough tests for those who already registered at the previous three registration dates plus some extras.  These extra spots will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.  The AMC 8 will be held at UTD on November 15th starting at 6pm (room location to be announced).

To register, come to the Visitor Center at UTD between 2-4pm.  The fee is $10/test (please bring exact change).  Students do not have to be present to register.  Kathy Cordeiro will be sitting at a table across from the bookstore to help you with the process.

Please note that this is a service we offer to the community so that talented young mathematicians who are NOT able to take the test at their school have the opportunity to do so – we all volunteer our time to make this happen.  If the test is offered at the student’s school and the student is able to register for it there, they are ineligible to register at UTD. 

If you have any questions, you can email Kathy at kathy.cordeiro at gmail.com.


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For those of you who were unable to attend the last math circle and, therefore, also unable to sign up for the AMC 8, a registration will be held on October 10th at UTD from 4-6pm  at the Visitor’s Center (look for the table across from the Bookstore).  The fee to register is $10/test and must take place in person.  Please bring exact change.

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