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Thank you for a great turnout this weekend!  Go to our Facebook page to see pictures from the event.
How to be GREAT taking the AMC 8!

Succeeding in math competitions starts with the right approach.  Join us for a very special math circle where you will learn how to strategically approach a problem so as to find the solution effectively while avoiding common mistakes. Too many times, students rush to the answer – this lecture will guide them to use their time efficiently to get the most out of the experience and, hopefully, have fun along the way.  Much of the focus will be how to approach and solve the harder problems on the AMC 8 test, #21-25.WHENNovember 11th, 2-3:30pm
WHERE:  UT Dallas, Room 2.410, McDermott Library
WHAT:  AMC 8 Preparation
WHO:  Elementary – Middle School students

HOW:  To reserve a seat, fill out this form.


Your Instructor, Brendan Caseria, is a PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas, studying statistics. He started his math competition career doing small local competitions in his home state of Illinois, quickly moving on to the larger national competitions like AMC and AIME. He continued his love for competitions into his college experience by working as both a residential assistant and a teaching assistant for the AwesomeMath Summer Program, where he was once a student. He was also a regular competitor in the MAA William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition, where he placed in the top 5%. He now spends time acting as the coach for the UT Dallas Putnam team, as well as doing research with the medical center at UT Southwestern.


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