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Do you have a student interested in competing in the American Mathematics Competitions?  For those who would like more information about these tests, here is a guide to math competitions as well as a link to the Mathematical Association of Americaamcmedal

Eligibility requirements for taking exams at University of Texas at Dallas:

  • Students can only sit for exams at a University test site if and only if their school does not offer the exam or they are ineligible to take the exam at their school (e.g., the school only offers the AMC 8 to eighth graders and your student is in 7th grade).
  • Parents must approach their schools first for students to take the exam at that location before registering at UT Dallas.
  • Students can register for the AMC 10A OR the AMC 12A (not both) and/or the AMC 10B OR the AMC 12B (not both).  You CANNOT take the 10A and the 12A, but you can take the 10A and the 12B (which are administered on different days and have different questions).  This is because the 10/12 tests have 5 to 10 questions which are the same.  This means, you CANNOT register for the 10A at your school and then take the AMC 12A at UT Dallas or vice versa.
  • Students can only take the exams for which they are the right grades/age.
    • AMC 8 – can only be taken by students who are in 8th grade or below and 14.5 years old and below.
    • AMC 10 – can only be taken by students who are in 10th grade or below and 17.5 years old and below.
    • AMC 12 – can only be taken by students who are in 12th grade or below and 19.5 years old and below.
Exam Dates
  • AMC 8 Contest –Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  • AMC 10/12 A –Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • AMC 10/12 B –Wednesday, February 13, 2019
  • AIME I* — Wednesday, March 13, 2019 (invitation only based on AMC scores)
  • AIME II* — Thursday, March 21, 2019 (invitation only based on AMC scores)
  • USA(J)MO — April 17 & 18, 2019 (invitation only based on AMC plus AIME scores)

*Please note:  UT Dallas will only offer one AIME test date (AIME I OR AIME II) which will be announced at a later time.

Registration Process

Students who wish to register for the AMC 8, AMC 10A/12A OR the AMC 10B/12B, please read the following important information:

  • Registration MUST take place in person, however, parents can register their students who need not be present for the registration.
  • The fee is a non-refundable $10/per test.  Please bring EXACT change.
  • If a student is eligible to take the test(s) at their school, they must take it there per MAA regulations.
  • Please check exam dates above to know when the exam will be held.  All exams are held after 5pm at UT Dallas – exact times and room number announced at a later date (refer to “On the Exam Date” below).  Students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the exam time.
  • Review the Registration Dates information below to know how and when to sign up.
  • Please note that this is a service we offer to the community so that talented young mathematicians have the opportunity to participate in these competitions – we volunteer our time to make this happen so please read this information carefully to have your questions answered.  For additional concerns email Kathy at kathy.cordeiro at gmail.comDo not call UT Dallas, for questions regarding these contests​. If you do you will be referred back to us.

Registration Dates

Multiple registration dates are available for each exam.  In order to have time to order the proper number of tests, registration must take place well in advance of the exam date (finding large rooms at UT Dallas on short notice is not possible).  All registrations take place in person at the UT Dallas Visitor’s Center by the tables across from the bookstore (look for Kathy Cordeiro).

Familiarize yourself with UT Dallas parking policies and locations.  We are not responsible for providing directions nor parking information.

  • AMC 8 – Registration Dates (Kathy will NOT be present at UT Dallas outside these dates and times). 
    The registration days have now passed for the AMC 8 and only waitlist registrations will be accepted.  Here is a link for the waitlist:  https://goo.gl/forms/FsVneYVYK1i5w73n1.  Detailed information about this process is on the form.
    • October 7, Sunday, 2-3pm
    • October 20, Saturday, 2-3pm
  • AMC 10A/12A and AMC 10B/12B – Registration Dates
    • December 8, Saturday, 2-3pm
    • December 16,  Sunday, 1-2pm (please note this is a different time)
    • January 5, Saturday, 2-3pm
    • January 19, Saturday, 2-3pm


  • Review the UT Dallas parking policies and locations.  We are not responsible for providing directions nor parking information.
    • AMC 8, November 13th, Time/Room:  To Be Announced
    • AMC 10A/12A, February 7th, Time/Room:  To Be Announced
    • AMC 10B/12B, February 13th, Time/Room:  To Be Announced
  • If you change plans and will take the exam elsewhere, please notify me ASAP so your exam can be used by a wait-list family.
  • PREPARE for the exam!  Feel free to contact me for resources.


  • Arrive 15 minutes before the exam.  If you are wait-listed, arrive 30 minutes before the exam and bring your $10 registration fee (exact change please)
  • Bring TWO sharpened #2 Pencils with good erasers (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
  • Calculators are NOT allowed, but you can bring graph paper, rulers, compass, and/or protractor.  Scratch paper will be provided.

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amcmedalThe AMC 10A/12A is on February 4th and the AMC 10B/12B is on February 19th.  If you’d like a chance to learn some interesting tips and techniques to help with these competitions, then please join us for this enlightening Math Circle.  Adrian Andreescu, Vinjai Vale, and Dr. Titu Andreescu will be presenting problems to challenge and delight.

If you have yet to sign up for these tests and your school does not offer them, there is still room for both dates (these testing sites are not sponsored by Metroplex Math Circle).  Registration will be held outside the math circle room, ECSS 2.201.

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Dr. Andreescu presented many problems related to the AMC 8 last Saturday and asked that the problems and solutions be posted here for your benefit:

If you have questions about the problem sets feel free to post them in the comments below.


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Dr. Andreescu has provided the solutions to the problems from the most recent math circle: A_Medley_of_Algebra_Problems_Handout.

Medley of Algebra Problems

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The AwesomeMath newsletter, The Gold Standard has published a series of important dates and useful resources:

Starting with the first round of USAMTS (USA Mathematial Talent Search) due on October 15 and culminating with the IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) in July, 2014, the season of math competitions is right around the corner.  Are you prepared?  Do you have the resources to help you excel?   With over 30 years of experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring the brightest mathematical minds of our age, Dr. Andreescu’s books are essential for every math enthusiast’s library.  Here are just a few highlights from his distinguished career:

  • Authored, co-authored, and edited more than 40 math books and publications
  • Head coach and leader of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) for 8 years
  • Director of the Mathematical Association of American (MAA) American Mathematics Competitions for 5 years
  • Has contributed hundreds of problems to various math competitions including up to and including the IMO
  • Co-founder of the Purple Comet! Math Meet, the first international team based math competition
  • Founder and Director of AwesomeMath, an organization that provides enriching experiences in mathematics to intellectually curious learners

Following is a chart of important dates and resources which will enrich the mathlete’s competition experience:

Date Competition Resource
October 15, 2013
Round 1
USAMTS Mathematical Olympiad Challenges,
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures,
Mathematical Reflections – all volumes
November 18, 2013
Round 2
USAMTS Mathematical Olympiad Challenges,
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures,
Mathematical Reflections – all volumes
November 19, 2013 AMC 8 Purple Comet! Math Meet:  All Ten Years, 105 Algebra Problems
December 7, 2013 Putnam Problems from the Book, Straight from the Book, Putnam and Beyond
January 6, 2014
Round 3
USAMTS Mathematical Olympiad Challenges,
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures,
Mathematical Reflections – all volumes
10A:  February 4, 2014
10B:  February 19, 2014
AMC 10 105 Algebra Problems, 106 Geometry Problems, 107 Geometry Problems,108 Algebra Problems (coming soon)
12A:  February 4, 2014
12B:  February 19, 2014
AMC 12 Mathematical Reflections – all volumes, 105 Algebra Problems, 106 Geometry Problems, 107 Geometry Problems,108 Algebra Problems (coming soon)
AIME I:  March 13, 2014
AIME II: March 26, 2014
AIME Purple Comet! Math Meet: All Ten
Years, Mathematical Reflections – all
April 1-10, 2014 Purple Comet! Math Meet Purple Comet! Math Meet:  All Ten Years
April 29-30, 2014 USAMO Problems from the Book, Straight from the Book, Topics in Functional Equations, Math Olympiad Challenges, Math Olympiad Treasures
July 2014 IMO (South Africa) Math Olympiad Challenges,
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures,
Mathematical Reflections – all volumes


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[from the AwesomeMath Newsletter, The Gold Standard]

AMYlogoJust because the summer camp season is behind us for this year doesn’t mean you can’t still work with our AwesomeFaculty on interesting problems.  AwesomeMath Year-Round gives students the chance to continue developing their insights and delve into important mathematical concepts and methods of proofs for problems and challenges that range to the Olympiad level.  Our website describes the program as follows:

“The AMY is broken into six independent segments, each investigating one circle of ideas in depth. Every two months, students receive a packet of materials organized around a set of notes which comprise a short course in the topic. The courses cover each topic from the very basics all the way to fascinating and difficult results; we believe that everyone has something to learn! The notes will be accompanied by scores of problems, running the gamut from simple to quite hard. Students are expected to write up solutions so that we may provide individual feedback and teach the invaluable skill of proof-writing.”
The 2013-2014 segment topics have been posted:

Segment Author Topic
Aug. – Sept. 2013 Titu Andreescu and Cosmin Pohoata Gems in Euclidean Geometry
Oct. – Nov. Titu Andreescu and Cosmin Pohoata Harmonic Divisions Revisited
Dec. 2013 – Jan. 2014 Titu Andreescu and Adithya Ganesh Gems in Algebra
Feb. – Mar. Cosmin Pohoata Topics in Combinatorial Geometry
Apr. – May Titu Andreescu Gems in Number Theory
June – July Titu Andreescu and Adithya Ganesh Sums and Products

Register today for this unique opportunity to work with qualified instructors on Olympiad level math with individualized feedback.

“We believe that Olympiad math is naturally focused on ideas accessible to young people while at the same time provoking boundless intellectual challenges. Olympiad math helps students build creative logical thought, a skill that will be a great asset to them no matter what they choose to do in the future.” ~Dr. Titu Andreescu

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crawfordteachIn addition to the Metroplex Math Circle, the Dallas Metroplex will soon be home to another unique institution which will help students develop their mathematical and problem solving skills.  Mathew Crawford, well-known to the global problem solving community for his early work on the Art of Problem Solving and two books in the library of almost every competitive problem solver (Introduction to Number Theory and Intermediate Algebra)  is opening his new school, Daedalus Education.

The new facility is being built out in a convenient location along 75:  3303 North Central Expressway, Suite 270, Plano, TX

Through his previous school and online resources, Mathew Crawford has helped many young problem solvers to realize their full potentialDaedalus Education offers a curriculum designed to inspire and challenge the most gifted problem solvers and evolved from years of working with a wide variety of students.

Mr. Crawford has been interviewing students and teaching assistants for his inaugural courses beginning in the fall.  Families interested in meeting with Mr. Crawford and applying for a spot in one of his classes should contact Daedalus Education as soon as possible.

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Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2013 IMO.  The US team came in third place to China and South Korea.  The US team had 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals.


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North Texas and Metroplex Math Circle participants were well represented in both the team and individual results at this year’s Texas State MATHCOUNTS competition.  Congratulations to all of the participants.

TX Mathcounts 2013 Teams















TX Mathcounts 2013 Individuals

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SmallMathCometMirroredJoin us in the first hour to hear MMC students present some of their favorite problems and mathematical concepts.  In the second hour we will work on problems from the Purple Comet! contest and talk about this exciting opportunity to compete with other students around the world.

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