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After Dr. Benjamin’s special November 19 presentation, Metroplex Math Circle will be on break for the next two Saturdays to allow people to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will return for our last lecture of the semester December 6 with Dr. Tanya Khovanova who will deliver two talks:

1. Binary Numbers

I will teach binary numbers, show a magic trick and we will play with binary dollars.

2. Integers and Sequences

Have you ever heard of untouchable numbers? How about aspiring numbers?  I will tell you what they are.  I will talk about perfect numbers and how they are connected to Mersenne primes. I will talk about the biggest known prime number.  Have you ever wondered what is the most famous number sequence? What is the most versatile sequence? We will discuss that.  What is the largest amount of coin money you can have without being able to make change for a dollar? You can bring your answer to this seminar. What is so special about 1089? You will learn that too. Is 42 (The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything) more famous than 47 (the secret Star Trek TNG number)? You will get the answer to that.  I will also show you the Internet resources about numbers. You will be able to find out many things about your favorite numbers.

Dr. Khovanova has had a varied and interesting career.  She grew up in Russia where she participated in many math competitions, winning 3 gold medals at the national level and one gold and a silver at the IMO.  She earned her PhD in Mathematics at Moscow State University.

Until recently Dr. Khovanova worked in Battle Management until recently deciding to return to academia.  She currently holds a position as a Visiting Scholar at Math Dept at MIT.   In addition, Dr. Khovanova is a math competition coach at the Advanced Math and Sciences Academy.

You can read more about Dr. Tanya Khovanova on her blog.

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