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[from the AwesomeMath Newsletter, The Gold Standard]

AMYlogoJust because the summer camp season is behind us for this year doesn’t mean you can’t still work with our AwesomeFaculty on interesting problems.  AwesomeMath Year-Round gives students the chance to continue developing their insights and delve into important mathematical concepts and methods of proofs for problems and challenges that range to the Olympiad level.  Our website describes the program as follows:

“The AMY is broken into six independent segments, each investigating one circle of ideas in depth. Every two months, students receive a packet of materials organized around a set of notes which comprise a short course in the topic. The courses cover each topic from the very basics all the way to fascinating and difficult results; we believe that everyone has something to learn! The notes will be accompanied by scores of problems, running the gamut from simple to quite hard. Students are expected to write up solutions so that we may provide individual feedback and teach the invaluable skill of proof-writing.”
The 2013-2014 segment topics have been posted:

Segment Author Topic
Aug. – Sept. 2013 Titu Andreescu and Cosmin Pohoata Gems in Euclidean Geometry
Oct. – Nov. Titu Andreescu and Cosmin Pohoata Harmonic Divisions Revisited
Dec. 2013 – Jan. 2014 Titu Andreescu and Adithya Ganesh Gems in Algebra
Feb. – Mar. Cosmin Pohoata Topics in Combinatorial Geometry
Apr. – May Titu Andreescu Gems in Number Theory
June – July Titu Andreescu and Adithya Ganesh Sums and Products

Register today for this unique opportunity to work with qualified instructors on Olympiad level math with individualized feedback.

“We believe that Olympiad math is naturally focused on ideas accessible to young people while at the same time provoking boundless intellectual challenges. Olympiad math helps students build creative logical thought, a skill that will be a great asset to them no matter what they choose to do in the future.” ~Dr. Titu Andreescu

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220px-Straight_Square_Inscribed_in_a_Circle_240pxLearn all about the classic theory of geometric objects with only straight edge and compass. What can you construct, and what is impossible? Which regular polygons can you construct? What if you have help by being given a fixed parabola? Come with your pencils and be ready to draw (compasses provided, or bring your own)!

To perform well on geometry problems on math competitions it is necessary to have a deep understanding.  This understanding can be achieved by retracing the footprints of the very first mathematicians whose only tools were a straight edge and compass.

Dr. Kane is one of our most popular lecturers and is recently retired from his position as a professor at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.  Along with Dr. Andreescu he is the co-founder and coordinator of the Purple Comet! Math Meet.  Dr. Kane is also the co-chair of the AIME committee and a faculty member at the AwesomeMath summer camp.

Along with his wife, Jane E. Mertz, Jonathan Kane is the author of several important research papers on the role of culture and gender in mathematical achievement including “Debunking Myths about Gender and Mathematics Performance.”

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We are looking forward to Ivan Borsenco’s return to UT Dallas.  Ivan, a former mathematical olympian, AwesomeMath instructor and current MIT student will present a number of problems and their solutions using the Pigeonhole and Extremal Principles.

The pigeonhole and the extremal principles are heuristical principles that are not tied to any subject but are applicable in all branches of mathematics.  Their beauty lies in the fact that they can justify existence of an object with a certain properties.  We will learn the use of these principles by going through a couple of classical theorems and solving lots of entertaining problems that have unexpected solutions.

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This summer AwesomeMath will be held at Cornell University and at the University of California Santa Cruz.  It is unfortunate that Dallas will be losing such a prestigious camp, but these are two beautiful campuses which will better serve the world class students who attend from either coast.

Cornell will be the host campus from June 27th through July 17th and UCSC will play host from July 25th through August 18th.  Early registration begins January 14th and the application is available here.

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Many students aren’t fortunate enough to live near a thriving math circle (much less the two that we have in Dallas, Metroplex Math Circle and the Mid Cities Math Circle).  To address this need an entrepreneurial young man in Wichita Falls, Shri Ganeshram, has launched the Online Math Circle.

Shri was assisted in this effort by Holden Lee and Marius Craciunoiu.  He also received some of his inspiration from our own Dr. Titu Andreescu while attending AwesomeMath.

Please help Shri by visiting and helping to promote his site.

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Radu Sorici is a senior at UTD with a double major: Mathematics and Computer Science.   He has been a participant in the international math competitions. Radu works closely with Dr. Andreescu on several projects, including AwesomeMath and the online journal Mathematical Reflections.

Magic Squares are a well-known but endlessly fascinating form of number puzzle.  This should be a very accessible lecture for all students.

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I’ve added a new link to the blog of a remarkable young man, Holden Lee.  Holden was an instructor at this year’s AwesomeMath and he is the author of widely read and insightful essay on the personal challenges of competitive problem solving.

Please take some time to read the problems and personal observations on Mental Wilderness.

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There was a great article today on Dr. Andreescu’s summer camp, AwesomeMath.  Here is an excerpt.

UTD program challenges the best and brightest young mathletes

08:04 AM CDT on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

By KATHERINE LEAL UNMUTH / The Dallas Morning News

For the select group of academically gifted middle and high school students training intensively this summer at the University of Texas at Dallas, math is a sport.

The problems they work in geometry, algebra, combinatorics and number theory far exceed the curriculum used at Texas high schools.

“These are the athletes of the mind,” said Titu Andreescu, 53, director of the three-week AwesomeMath program. “Most of them are a lot better than students in college, including math majors.”

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Congratulations to the US team at the 2010 IMO for taking third place.  Benjamin Gunby, a participant in last year’s AwesomeMath camp came away with a Gold medal in his first IMO!  Here are the members of the US team and their achievements:

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AwesomeMath, Dr. Andreescu’s highly regarded summer camp for mathematically gifted students has just released its test and forms for early admission.  Early registration is due by February 5th.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the camp here are some details for 2010:

What? A three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted students from around the globe. An initiative in response to parents and teachers of bright students who have not yet shone at the Olympiad level, as well as of those who would like to expand what they have learned in programs such as MATHCOUNTS. These talented students wish to hone their problem solving skills in particular and further their mathematics education in general. Many of our participants seek to improve their performance on contests such as AMC10/12, AIME, or USAMO.

Why? To offer gifted math students the opportunity to attend a high-quality summer program.

When? July 6 – 27, 2010 and July 30 – August 20, 2010.

Who? Around 80 students in grades 6-11, distinguished faculty, a large group of mentors and assistants.

Where? At the University of Texas at Dallas (7/6-7/27) and the University of California, Santa Cruz (7/30-8/20).

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