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Dr Titu Andreescu

Dr Titu Andreescu

October 18, 2008 – Dr. Titu Andreescu – “AMC Test Preparation”

The AMC tests have become a critical measure of math and problem solving capabilities. Elite universities that routinely reject students with 800 SAT scores require and respect AMC test scores. These tests often draw on discreet math topics that students may not encounter in a standard US curriculum. The AMC 8 test is available for students through 8th grade and is excellent practice for the harder AMC 10 and 12.

Dr. Andreescu, the Director of MMC, is the former Director of AMC and coach of the US IMO team.  On October 18th, he will give students a distinct advantage with strategies to prepare for these tests which may determine their college admission.  For more information on these tests please see The Road to the IMO.


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