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Congratulations to the winners of this year’s contest held at MIT:

  1. Victoria Xia, VA
  2. Danielle Wang, CA
  3. Julia Huang, CA
  4. JungYoon (Sara) Kim, VA
  5. Frances Ding, TN
  6. Sheela Devadas, MA
  7. Christina Chen, MA
  8. Megan Chen, IL
  9. Angela Gu, CA
  10. DiYun (Susan) Sun, Canada

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Math Prize for Girls.  This growing contest sponsored by Akamai is encouraging extraordinary talent such as these top 10 winners:

  1. Danielle Wang (8th grade, California Virtual Academy, CA), $25,000 (Score 19)
  2. Elizabeth Synge (12th grade, Boston University Academy, MA), $10,000 (Score 18)
  3. In Young Cho (12th grade, Exeter, NH), $2700 (Score 17)
  4. Jae Shin (12th grade, Andover, MA), $2700 (Score 17)
  5. Alissa Zhang (11th grade, Saratoga HS, CA), $2700 (Score 17)
  6. Corinne Madsen (12th grade, IMSA, IL), $1000 (Score 16)
  7. Jessie Duan (12th grade, NCSSM, NC), $1000 (Score 16)
  8. Harlin Lee (11th grade, Exeter, MA), $300 (Score 15)
  9. Elizabeth Shen (11th grade, South Mecklenburg HS, NC), $300 (Score 15)
  10. Moya Chen (12th grade, Vernon Hills HS, IL), $300 (Score 15)

Regrettably, only one Texan, the very talented Lilly Shen, was represented in the top 35.  Math Circles are an excellent way to attract young girls to problem solving and to help them retain their interest through their school years.

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