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Here is a terrific video talking about two of the greatest mathematical problem solvers, Fermat and Andrew Wiles.    It is great insight into the life of Wiles, the genius who solved Fermat’s Last Theorem.


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mathgifted-brainscanThe Eide Neurolearning Blog is an interesting resource for keeping up with the current advances in neuroscience and brain imaging.  In a recent post they discuss the uniqueness of mathematically gifted minds.

It will not surprise math circle participants to hear that such brains approach math problems quite differently.  Traditional school programs may offer such students little support and it is the community of interest provided by a math circle or the time to play with hard problems that these students crave.

By temperament, strong math minds will tend to be introverted and have high focus and task persistence for activities of intrinsic interest. This may mean they are difficult to direct in the traditional or even non-traditional classroom (prefer studying lines of own interest), and they may be benefited particularly by mentors (often relatives or math teachers at higher levels of education) willing to discuss topics, ideas, and problems far in advance of their years.

The Eides also recommend the PBS video Fermat’s Last Theorem for aspiring mathematicians.

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