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It may be freezing outside, but ironically now is the best time to be considering mathematical and science camps for next summer.  We will try to profile many of them before the next semester of Metroplex Math Circle finishing Dr. Andreescu’s own highly regarded program, AwesomeMath.  Following is information about HCSSiM:

The Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (HCSSiM)

hcssim-logoThe 37th session (June 28–August 8, 2009) of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics will again bring talented high school students to Hampshire’s rural campus to discover, to share, and to enjoy mathematics.

Since 1971 HCSSiM students, guided by teams of college teachers, graduate students, and undergraduate math majors, have investigated challenging problems in number theory, combinatorics, graph theory, n-dimensional and non-Euclidean geometry, dynamics, fractals, chaos, mathematical origami and much more.  Students seek patterns, formulate conjectures and definitions, build theories and create proofs.  Our small classes and workshops meet for 4 hours each morning and in informal collaborative evening problem seminars.  The faculty live on campus and join students for meals and recreation.

Our intention isn’t to necessarily endorse any one program but to make everyone aware of their options for this and future summers.

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