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eigenvaluesA dynamical system is a set of functions that depend on each other. For example, dynamical systems are often present in ecosystems: more plants mean more plant-eaters, and more plant-eaters mean fewer plants. These systems can be difficult to predict, as one thing affects another, which affects the first, which affects the other, and so on.

Fortunately, dynamical systems can be simplified. This lecture focuses on an important type of dynamical system that can be solved with some creative usage of matrices. We’ll also discuss the related concept of “eigenvalues,” a simple concept with some very interesting implications.

Please join us for the last math circle of the Spring Semester!

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9781118537145 cover.inddLong time Metroplex Math Circle participant and Stanford Online High School sophomore, Jacob Cordeiro, has authored Minecraft for Dummies which has just been published by Wiley.

The open-ended nature of Minecraft has made it very popular with young problem solvers and through the use of the game’s various building materials some users have built extraordinary creations.  Jacob applied many of the lessons of problem solving and logic that he learned at the Metroplex Math Circle to the entire book and especially to the fourth chapter.

The book is now available for pre-ordering or download at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Books and Wiley.

Please send us news about other MMC students and alumni and let us know how the Metroplex Math Circle is helping them achieve their goals.

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