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armlMetroplex Math Team students practice for ARML. We plan to practice Team, Individual, and Relay rounds and discuss solutions to some of these challenging problems. Join us!

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Please join Dr. Titu Andreescu and Mathew Crawford as they offer an American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) session for students interested in learning more about the contest and wishing to be exposed to the types of problems they would encounter.  This will be a very interactive math circle where students will have the opportunity to work together to solve interesting problems. Here is the plan for this first practice as detailed by Mathew Crawfordarml:

  • We plan to talk about our goals for the team.
  • Discuss the rules and format for ARML, the primary event for the Metroplex Math Team
  • Practice three of the four rounds from a past ARML contest (Individual, Team, and Relay)

We will practice the fourth ARML round (the Power Round) as the Metroplex Math Team participates in the ARML Power Contest the following weekend.

For this first contest, we’re picking an ARML contest that isn’t from the past few years both in hopes that fewer students have seen the problems and also because the problems from older contests are a little more accessible to beginners. We plan to use more recent practice problems as the team progresses.

Veterans of ARML are encouraged to show up to this first practice to help make new students comfortable with the process and also because leadership matters—and we will practice like we play, as a team.

If you know of talented high school students or extremely motivated younger students in the Dallas Metroplex area who may want to attend this event, please pass this link along.

**Please Note – we are in a new room ECSS 2.201http://www.utdallas.edu/locator/ECSS_2.201_P

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crawfordteachIn addition to the Metroplex Math Circle, the Dallas Metroplex will soon be home to another unique institution which will help students develop their mathematical and problem solving skills.  Mathew Crawford, well-known to the global problem solving community for his early work on the Art of Problem Solving and two books in the library of almost every competitive problem solver (Introduction to Number Theory and Intermediate Algebra)  is opening his new school, Daedalus Education.

The new facility is being built out in a convenient location along 75:  3303 North Central Expressway, Suite 270, Plano, TX

Through his previous school and online resources, Mathew Crawford has helped many young problem solvers to realize their full potentialDaedalus Education offers a curriculum designed to inspire and challenge the most gifted problem solvers and evolved from years of working with a wide variety of students.

Mr. Crawford has been interviewing students and teaching assistants for his inaugural courses beginning in the fall.  Families interested in meeting with Mr. Crawford and applying for a spot in one of his classes should contact Daedalus Education as soon as possible.

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While Metroplex Math Circle is on Thanksgiving break please enjoy this replay of the excellent talk given by Mathew Crawford in our last session:

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This weekend we have a very special guest lecturer.  Mathew Crawford, who will be well known to many MMC attendees as the author of the popular AOPS titles:  Introduction to Number Theory and  Intermediate Algebra.   Mr. Crawford will be bringing with him 50 copies of problem materials which will be available only to the first 50 families to join us.  If you are unfamiliar with Mathew Crawford and his extensive work, the following information comes from the AOPSWiki:

Mathew Crawford is the founder and CEO of MIST Academy, a school for gifted and talented students, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Crawford won numerous national math championships as a student before attending Washington University in St. Louis on a Compton Fellowship where he studied mathematics and worked on the Human Genome Project at the Institute for Biomedical Computing. After spending several years on Wall Street and eventually running a finance operation from the basement of his apartment, Crawford founded his first education company in 2001, Universal Set Educational Resources, with childhood friend Cameron Matthews. In 2003, Crawford became the first employee of Art of Problem Solving where he helped to write and teach most of the online classes during the first three years of the AoPS online school.

His competition achievements include:

  • National MathCounts written test champion in 7th grade (perfect score of 46) and second place in 8th grade (score of 44).
  • Two-time perfect scorer on the AHSME.
  • Perfect score on the AIME as a freshman.
  • Three-time invitee to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program.
  • Member of a top 4 Putnam team.
  • Youngest winner of the National Mu Alpha Theta convention.
  • Only 5-time winner of the Alabama State Written Examination (Algebra II/Trig once, Comprehensive four times).
  • Twice among ARML high scorers (tie-breakers) and Zachary Sobol Award winner.

Crawford also writes competition problems and performs duties for many math competitions:

  • USAMTS problem writer and grader (2004-2006)
  • iTest head test writer (2007 and 2008)
  • Birmingham and Alabama MATHCOUNTS coordinator
  • Mu Alpha Theta test writer and proof reader
  • Co-coach of the Missouri ARML team (1996,1997)
  • Coach of the San Diego ARML team (2005,2006)
  • Coach of the Alabama ARML team (2008, 2010-present)
  • Headed up the grading of the Power Round for the Georgia ARML site (2010)
  • San Diego Math League test writer and problem writer for the San Diego Math Olympiad (2004-6)

His first book, Introduction to Number Theory was published by AoPS in June, 2006. He is also coauthor of the Intermediate Algebra text, which came out in April, 2008.

Crawford’s user page can be found here.

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