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Qualifiers for the 2011 USA Mathematical Olympiad and the USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad have just been announced and once again participants in the Metroplex Math Circle were well represented.

USAMO Qualifiers from Texas:

  • Steven Chen, Westwood HS, Austin
  • Alexandra Ilic, Westlake HS, Austin
  • George Qi, Westwood HS, Austin
  • Kevin Tian, Westwood HS, Austin
  • Kevin Li, A&M Consolidated HS, College Station
  • Brian Ferguson, Ferguson Homeschool, Dallas
  • Taeyeon Ham, Highland Park HS, Dallas
  • Adam Su, Texas Academy Math & Science, Denton
  • Michael Ma, Wyatt Elementary, Plano
  • Bobby Shen, Dulles HS, Sugar Land
  • Lawrence Wu, Stephen F Austin HS, Sugar Land

USAJMO Qualifiers from Texas:

  • Patrick Guo, Westwood HS, Austin
  • Kensen Shi, A&M Consolidated HS, College Station
  • Niranjan Balachandar, Frankford MS, Dallas
  • Victor Zhou, St Mark’s School of Texas, Dallas
  • Erik Nguyen, Robert L Paschal HS, Fort Worth
  • Dominic Yurk, Robert L Paschal HS, Fort Worth
  • Paul Cruz, Harmony School of Advancement, Houston
  • Andrew Jin, Harmony School of Advancement, Houston
  • Patrick Pan, Home School, Houston
  • Brian Xu, The Village HS, Houston
  • Siddharth Seethepalli, Seven Lakes HS, Katy
  • Kevin Chang, Jasper HS, Plano
  • David Hao, Jasper HS, Plano
  • Daniel Suh, Jasper HS, Plano
  • Robert Tung, Jasper HS, Plano
  • Angeline Rao, First Colony MS, Sugar Land
  • Alexander Yang, First Colony MS, Sugar Land
  • Eric Yu, The Woodlands College Park HS, The Woodlands



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For those of you planning to take the AMC 10 or 12 B at UT Dallas this year, Dr. Andreescu has announced that it will be in the Conference Center in room 1.102.  If you are familiar with the campus you will note that the Conference Center is just across Rutford from the building where Metroplex Math Circle is usually held.  For those of you who need directions, this link will show you the Conference Center and nearby parking:

This room was chosen due to the large number of students who have already signed up.  If you would like to take the test at UTD please contact Dr. Andreescu to insure that you have a test reserved for you.

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Many Metroplex Math Circle students participated in today’s Preston Trails Chapter MATHCOUNTS competition.  But we are particularly proud of the performance by two of our most regular attendees, Niranjan Balachandar and Jeffrey Huang.  Both were selected to participate in the high pressure countdown round by scoring in the top 10 on the written portions of the contest.  As we later found out, Niranjan scored #1 and Jeffrey scored #2 on the written tests.

Both Niranjan and Jeffrey dominated their countdown rounds and came to face each other in the final.  Each won points answering long before the question had been read.  In the end Jeffrey won the last point and became the winner of the countdown round!

Both Niranjan and Jeffrey will now go to the state competition on the Rice and Frankford Middle School teams.  Best of luck to them both in Austin!

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Our own Amy Chyao is receiving a great honor tonight as she has been invited to sit with the First Lady during the State of the Union speech:

PLANO (January 25, 2011)—Among First Lady Michelle Obama’s guests Tuesday night during the State of the Union address will be Plano East High School junior Amy Chyao, 16, and her father.

Chyao was chosen after meeting President Barack Obama at the White House Science Fair, where she presented a design for a cancer-treating photo-sensitizer.

Mr. Obama later called her an example of America’s potential in one of his speeches.

Chyao said she’s honored by the invitation.

She met then first lady Laura Bush in 2007 after she won the Scripps National Spelling Bee.


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Many students aren’t fortunate enough to live near a thriving math circle (much less the two that we have in Dallas, Metroplex Math Circle and the Mid Cities Math Circle).  To address this need an entrepreneurial young man in Wichita Falls, Shri Ganeshram, has launched the Online Math Circle.

Shri was assisted in this effort by Holden Lee and Marius Craciunoiu.  He also received some of his inspiration from our own Dr. Titu Andreescu while attending AwesomeMath.

Please help Shri by visiting and helping to promote his site.

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I’m very proud to post 3 new testimonials from some of our most accomplished math circle participants:

I’d like to thank Dr. Andreescu…for [his] time and efforts that made MMC such a wonderful experience for me. I have attended MMC since 2nd grade. I enjoyed the various lectures, learned a lot from the math professors that visited our circle and benefited from their insight into the world of math. I hope this program will continue.

-Michael Ma, 4th grade [Ed. In 2009 Michael had the unprecedented accomplishment of scoring a perfect AMC 10 and qualifying for the USAMO as a third grader.]

I have been attending the Metroplex Math Circle for a couple of years, and I think it is definetely worth my time. Dr. Andreescu gets amazing speakers with interesting topics to come educate us. I think this is a great program, and I hope it continues to attract new participants.

-Victor Zhou, 8th grade [Ed. In 2010 Victor astounded the audience, including Governor Rick Perry, by winning 5 countdown rounds in a row at the Texas state MATHCOUNTS competition.]

After having attending for a few years, I believe that the Metroplex Math Circle program has helped me much in my mathematical studies. The brilliant guest speakers and, of course, Dr. Andreescu, give great lectures in a way that is extremely helpful and also enjoyable to students like myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed the MMC experience and have also learned a lot.

-Robert Tung, 8th grade [Ed. In 2010 Robert was selected to represent Texas at the national MATHCOUNTS competition.]

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I was fortunate to attend the state MATHCOUNTS competition in Austin this weekend.  After a speech by Governor Rick Perry, they began the countdown round to select the 4 members of the Texas team that would compete at MATHCOUNT nationals.  This is particularly significant since Texas has won 4 of the last 5 national competitions and from what I saw has a good chance of winning again!

Our own Victor Zhou amazed the audience by winning 5 of the countdown rounds in a row!  This was quite a feat requiring him to frequently answer complex questions well before the announcer or anyone in the audience could read them.  Victor is a frequent Metroplex Math Circle attendee and student of Dr. Andreescu’s.

Robert Tung, also representing Rice Middle School, and another Metroplex Math Circle student made the national team through a combination of his performance on the written test and the countdown round.  He will join the team coached by the famous Jeff Boyd as they go Orlando to represent us all at nationals.

Please feel free to use the comments section below if you would like to add your contratulations to Victor and Robert!

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