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crawfordteachIn addition to the Metroplex Math Circle, the Dallas Metroplex will soon be home to another unique institution which will help students develop their mathematical and problem solving skills.  Mathew Crawford, well-known to the global problem solving community for his early work on the Art of Problem Solving and two books in the library of almost every competitive problem solver (Introduction to Number Theory and Intermediate Algebra)  is opening his new school, Daedalus Education.

The new facility is being built out in a convenient location along 75:  3303 North Central Expressway, Suite 270, Plano, TX

Through his previous school and online resources, Mathew Crawford has helped many young problem solvers to realize their full potentialDaedalus Education offers a curriculum designed to inspire and challenge the most gifted problem solvers and evolved from years of working with a wide variety of students.

Mr. Crawford has been interviewing students and teaching assistants for his inaugural courses beginning in the fall.  Families interested in meeting with Mr. Crawford and applying for a spot in one of his classes should contact Daedalus Education as soon as possible.


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As the Metroplex Math Circle enters its 3rd year hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas, we are excited to announce this new site which will provide students with information about upcoming sessions.

Metroplex Math Circle was founded by Dr. Titu Andreescu and is one of his many initiatives to improve the level of mathematical problem solving in the Metroplex, in the US and in the world.

In its first 3 years the Metroplex Math Circle has brought to our region world renowned mathematicians and helped dozens of students explore their love of math and improve their performance in national math competitions.

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