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Bulgarian Olympiad winner, Krassimir Penev will consider a variety of problem-solving techniques and important facts used for solving nonstandard geometric problems. The examples include but are not limited to the Nine Point CircleEuler’s lineCeva’s Theorem and cyclic quadrilaterals.  These mathematical tools could be used for math competitions such as the AMC10,12, AIME, USAMO and Intel talent search.


We will plan to meet right after the MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition.

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This Saturday, February 26th Dr. Kisačanin will return for another of his fantastic lectures.  Anyone preparing for the AMC, AIME or USAMO should plan to attend.  Triangles factor into almost every math contest in addition to being endlessly fascinating objects in themselves.  Here is Dr. Kisačanin’s description of the session with links to resources:

In this talk about geometry of triangles we will see two different proofs of Stewart’s theorem, derive formulas for important cevians, and solve several interesting geometric problems.

We will also look at other important points in triangles (Fermat point, centers of excircles, …) and look at the Euler line, the nine-point circle, and related problems.


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