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We are looking forward to Ivan Borsenco’s return to UT Dallas.  Ivan, a former mathematical olympian, AwesomeMath instructor and current MIT student will present a number of problems and their solutions using the Pigeonhole and Extremal Principles.

The pigeonhole and the extremal principles are heuristical principles that are not tied to any subject but are applicable in all branches of mathematics.  Their beauty lies in the fact that they can justify existence of an object with a certain properties.  We will learn the use of these principles by going through a couple of classical theorems and solving lots of entertaining problems that have unexpected solutions.


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For those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to get out to Arlington to visit the Mid-Cities Math Circle,  Dr. Grantcharov has posted the problem sets from his last 3 sessions.

You can find previous session hand out on the Mid Cities Math Circle’s Schedule Page.

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