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This year we have a new opportunity to promote problem solving within the circle and to help our talented young problem solvers become better know to peers and Math Circle directors across the country (and around the world).

The Problem of the Month is a new initiative inspired by Dr. Dana Paquin, the former director of the Stanford Math Circle.  Each month our circle and others across the country will get a set of challenging problems.  Individual problem solving is fine but you are encouraged to collaborate with others to create the most elegant solutions.

Solutions will be sent to a group of Math Circle directors for evaluation and groups with correct and (especially) elegant responses will be publicly recognized by the world’s best Math Circles and other sponsoring organizations.  Keep in mind that many of these are the same individuals who are involved with the camps, contests and universities to which our students will be applying.

In addition to solving problems posed by professional problem writers, we are also being asked to provide problems written by our own students.  Writing problems is one of the best ways to improve your own problem solving, and the authors of those problems that are accepted for distribution will receive special recognition.

Please find in the attached PDF (Problem of the Month v1) some additional information about The Problem of the Month program.  If you have problems to submit please send them to circleofcircles@sbcglobal.net before the due date of September 30.  Problems can be submitted by students, parents or friends of Metroplex Math Circle.

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