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Congratulations to the many students of Dr. Andreescu’s who placed in the top 25 on the recent MATHCOUNTS chapter competition at the University of Texas at Dallas.

First rank went to a student who has been among the most regular attendees of Metroplex Math Circle in the last year, Niranjan Balachandar of Frankford Middle School.

The top 10 teams this year were:

  1. Rice Middle School
  2. Schimelpfenig Middle School
  3. Frankford Middle School
  4. Greenhill School
  5. Coppell Middle School West
  6. Eudaimonia Academy
  7. Renner Middle School
  8. Murphy Middle School
  9. Coppell Middle School East
  10. Robinson Middle School

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The results of the 2008 AMC 8 contest have been reported.  Many of our Math Circle students participated and distinguished themselves this year.  Several North Texas schools also stood out with the sum of their top 3 scores exceeding 66 (out of 75):

  • Hockaday
  • McLean Middle School (Fort Worth)
  • Rice Middle School (Plano)
  • Robinson Middle School (Plano)
  • St. Mark’s School of Texas
  • Testbrain Prep Center (Coppell)

Unfortunately too many schools still do not offer this important contest.  Please start now to lobby your own school system to not only offer the AMC 8 but to help students prepare for it.

Here is a distribution of scores on the 25 point test.


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