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starbirdMetroplex Math Circle will start again at UTD on September 19th, but our friends in Austin begin this week with a lecture by Dr. Starbird on Topology.  Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Starbird from his excellent lectures published by the Teaching Company.

Here is the information from the Saturday Morning Math Group:

Our first meeting of the semester will take place on September 12th.  Our speaker will be Dr. Mike Starbird, a professor of mathematics here at the University of Texas at Austin.  Dr. Starbird has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards, both locally and nationally.  He will be talking about “Doughnuts, Dogbones, and Topology”.  Come join the fun!

This semester, our meetings will be in FAC 21. FAC is the Flawn Academic Center, which is where our undergraduate library is situated. This building is immediately to the east of the Texas Union, near 24th and Guadalupe.

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