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Our MMC regulars: Vinjai Vale, Michael Ma and Jeffrey Huang continued their success this weekend in Austin at the State MATHCOUNTS competition. Jeffrey came in first, Michael received second and Vinjai received 7th place all in their first year of eligibility! Michael and Jeffrey will now represent Texas at nationals! Please join us in congratulating the boys by liking this post.

Top 3 team round schools: 1st place, Ft. Settlement Middle school from Sugarland, 2nd – Rice Middle school and 3rd – Harmony School of Excellence from Houston.

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Congratulations to the Texas team for winning third place in the National MATHCOUNTS contest.  Our own Niranjan Balachandar made the team and represented Metroplex Math Circle very well!

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Many Metroplex Math Circle students participated in today’s Preston Trails Chapter MATHCOUNTS competition.  But we are particularly proud of the performance by two of our most regular attendees, Niranjan Balachandar and Jeffrey Huang.  Both were selected to participate in the high pressure countdown round by scoring in the top 10 on the written portions of the contest.  As we later found out, Niranjan scored #1 and Jeffrey scored #2 on the written tests.

Both Niranjan and Jeffrey dominated their countdown rounds and came to face each other in the final.  Each won points answering long before the question had been read.  In the end Jeffrey won the last point and became the winner of the countdown round!

Both Niranjan and Jeffrey will now go to the state competition on the Rice and Frankford Middle School teams.  Best of luck to them both in Austin!

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As students take the AMC 10 and 12 A today I wanted to post information on Texas universities offering the B version of the test on February 23rd.  Please contact the site coordinators directly.  If you are looking for a site in another state they are listed by the AMC at this site.

Blinn College

902 College Ave.
Brenham, TX 77833

David Fleeger

Main Conference Room of the Student Center

Concordia University

11400 Concordia University Drive
Austin, TX 78726-1887

John Frederic

Offering both the 10/12 A and the 10/12 B testing dates.

University of Texas at Austin

Dept. of Mathematics
Austin, TX 78712-0257

Allison Moore

University of Texas at Brownsville

80 Fort Brown
Brownsville, TX 78520

Jerzy Mogilski

University of Texas at Dallas

Science & Math Dept.
2601 N. Floyd Rd. FN33
Richardson, TX 75083

Titu Andreescu

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Our own Amy Chyao is receiving a great honor tonight as she has been invited to sit with the First Lady during the State of the Union speech:

PLANO (January 25, 2011)—Among First Lady Michelle Obama’s guests Tuesday night during the State of the Union address will be Plano East High School junior Amy Chyao, 16, and her father.

Chyao was chosen after meeting President Barack Obama at the White House Science Fair, where she presented a design for a cancer-treating photo-sensitizer.

Mr. Obama later called her an example of America’s potential in one of his speeches.

Chyao said she’s honored by the invitation.

She met then first lady Laura Bush in 2007 after she won the Scripps National Spelling Bee.


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The detailed score break down has been published for the 2010 AMC 8.  Congratulations to all of the participants from Texas.


But these good results are accompanied by a distressingly low level of participation.   In Texas only 90 schools participated with slightly over 4,000 students.   This is only about one fourth the participation by students in California and one third the participation from China (not including Hong Kong).

If Texas wants to serve its children in the global, information economy, it needs to prepare and allow more of them to compete internationally.

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Math Prize for Girls.  This growing contest sponsored by Akamai is encouraging extraordinary talent such as these top 10 winners:

  1. Danielle Wang (8th grade, California Virtual Academy, CA), $25,000 (Score 19)
  2. Elizabeth Synge (12th grade, Boston University Academy, MA), $10,000 (Score 18)
  3. In Young Cho (12th grade, Exeter, NH), $2700 (Score 17)
  4. Jae Shin (12th grade, Andover, MA), $2700 (Score 17)
  5. Alissa Zhang (11th grade, Saratoga HS, CA), $2700 (Score 17)
  6. Corinne Madsen (12th grade, IMSA, IL), $1000 (Score 16)
  7. Jessie Duan (12th grade, NCSSM, NC), $1000 (Score 16)
  8. Harlin Lee (11th grade, Exeter, MA), $300 (Score 15)
  9. Elizabeth Shen (11th grade, South Mecklenburg HS, NC), $300 (Score 15)
  10. Moya Chen (12th grade, Vernon Hills HS, IL), $300 (Score 15)

Regrettably, only one Texan, the very talented Lilly Shen, was represented in the top 35.  Math Circles are an excellent way to attract young girls to problem solving and to help them retain their interest through their school years.

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