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Please go visit the newly designed web site of our good friends at Mid-Cities Math Circle, (MC)^2.  You may also want to “like” their new Facebook Page to be notified about upcoming sessions and contests.

Speaking of which, this Saturday, May 14, Dr. Grantcharov will be sponsoring the annual 2011 UT Arlington Math Competition.

Both middle-school and high-school students are welcome to participate in the competition. There is no registration fee and no pre-registration is required. There will be on-site registration. If you wish to attend the competition, please plan to arrive around 8:30 am in PKH, UT Arlington.

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We were very pleased to have our neighbor, Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov deliver the lecture this past Saturday.  He focused his talk around some engaging and deep problems from his last contest at UT Arlington: UTA 2010 Competition Problems.

The students enjoyed solving each problem and then exploring greater depth and generalizations beyond their solutions.  This was an excellent way to better prepare them for the upcoming AMC and AIME contests.

As a reminder, February 5th there will be no Metroplex Math Circle so students can go to Arlington to compete in the Second Annual UT Arlington Math Competition where they will encounter similar challenging problems.

Dr. Grantcharov is also kicking off a new semester of his own math circle in Arlington:

Dear (MC)^2 Friends:

Our first Spring 2011 Math Circle meeting will be held next Tuesday, January 25, at 7:00 pm in PKH 107. Please note that we will meet in a new room this semester. The Mid-Cities Math Circle will run every week and every meeting will last about 60 minutes. The first two meetings will be AMC10-AIME problem-solving sessions.

As usual, the Math Circle is intended for high-school and advanced middle-school students. Teachers are welcome to come to the meetings as well. The web site of the Mid Cities Math Circle is www.midcitiesmathcircle.org

If you plan to come next Tuesday and do not know where to park, a good option would be to use the Garage right next to PKH. Please, keep the parking receipts, so that I can reimburse you later. Maps of the campus can be downloaded at http://www.uta.edu/maps/pdf

Snacks and drinks will (hopefully) be provided. Also, there are still a few copies of the book of Zvezdelina Stankova “A Decade of the Berkeley Math Circle” left. You can get a copy for the (special) prize of $20.

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in attending our Math Circle. I am looking forward to see you all on Tuesday.

Best regards,


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Metroplex Math Circle will kick off its spring 2011 semester with a presentation by Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov.    Dr. Grantcharov is an assistant professor at UT Arlington and the director of our neighbor, the Mid Cities Math Circle.  Dr. Grantcharov will use problems from last year’s UT Arlington Math Competition to help prepare our students for the upcoming AMC 10, 12 and AIME.  Here are some examples:

  • Which of the following numbers is a perfect square?
    (A) 98!99! (B) 98! 100! (C) 99! 100! (D) 99!101! (E) 101!101!
  • A square has sides of length 10, and a circle centered at one of its vertices has radius 10. What is the area of the union of the regions enclosed by the square and the circle?
  • A game is played with tokens according to the following rule. In each round, the player with the most tokens gives one token to each of the other players and also places one token in the discard pile. The game ends when some player runs out of tokens. Players A, B, and C start with 15, 14, and 13 tokens, respectively. How many rounds will there be in the game?



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