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Titu PortraitBeing able to write elegant and articulate proofs takes practice.  Come join the Metroplex Math Circle (MMC) and be exposed to the art of proof writing from Dr. Titu Andreescu.  As former coach for the US International Mathematical Olympiad, he knows how to guide young mathematicians towards writing complete and well thought out mathematical proofs.  This skill requires creativity, abstract thought, and patience.

When:  October 10, 2015

Time:  2:00 – 3:30pm

Where:  TI Auditorium at UTD

Who:  Students interested in delving into proof writing

***Announcement.  If you have a student who is in 8th grade or lower and would like to participate in the AMC 8, registration will take place in person at the MMC.  Please note, the student cannot register at MMC if their school offers the test.  There is an administration fee of $10 to register.


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