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220px-Full_Adder.svgAddition is the most elementary arithmetic operation required of computers. Their invention and development has almost entirely been to do arithmetic extremely fast.  I will present the simplest binary adder circuits (ripple carry adder), show some surprising results about carry propagation, develop carry look-ahead circuits for log-time addition, and then talk about redundant number systems and constant time addition and, consequently, log-time multiplication.
I will also present residue number systems that enable constant time addition and multiplication.
It’s all integer math, modulo arithmetic, and some simple logic circuits.

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Why do prime numbers fascinate us?
Why prime numbers are still an active area of research?
What advances have mathematicians made in this field this year?
You will find answers to these questions and many more if you come to the lecture.
See you there!

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Dr. Andreescu presented many problems related to the AMC 8 last Saturday and asked that the problems and solutions be posted here for your benefit:

If you have questions about the problem sets feel free to post them in the comments below.


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We will continue our AMC 8 preparation sessions again this Saturday as Titu Andreescu leads the group through more interesting AMC 8 problems.

Please click here to download the problems and solutions from last week.

AMC 8 problems

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